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"I’m back to playing Badminton after a Key Hole Surgery in my right Shoulder for repeated dislocations"

I cannot thank Dr Vishnu Unnithan enough for getting me back to my game.

I have had repeated shoulder dislocations for the last few years. After consulting many orthopaedic surgeons, at last, I went and met Dr Vishnu Unnithan at his clinic. He asked me a few questions, examined me, and went through all my scans. He asked me to get a fresh CT scan. After looking at my scan, he told me that a keyhole procedure might be all that is needed for the time being and he advised me to get it done as early as possible.

I underwent keyhole surgery in my right shoulder at PRS hospital, and after a few weeks of keeping my arm in a sling, I was started on physiotherapy. He has got very dedicated and extremely talented physiotherapy specialists with him, who did a wonderful job in getting my shoulder back to normal. Later he started me on aggressive sports-related physiotherapy (in the beginning it was very difficult for me), which helped me get back to playing badminton same as my previous levels.

Now my shoulder feels stable and I am very happy that I met Dr Vishnu Unnithan, Who made me able to play my favourite game.

Akash (26 yrs)


"Thank you doctor for performing Shoulder replacement Surgery on me"

I’ve been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since childhood and am on many costly medicines including weekly injections. It all started with pain in my right shoulder and gradually it spread to many joints. After consulting a leading rheumatologist in Trivandrum, my symptoms have improved except those in my right shoulder. My right shoulder was having severe pain, and I was not able to move my shoulder. I even had pain at night and couldn’t sleep properly. That is when the rheumatologist asked me to consult Dr Unnithan, who used to visit that Rheumatology clinic once a week.

After his initial consultation, he sent me for specialised shoulder-related physiotherapy and exercises. I couldn’t find any improvement with that even after a few months. He took new X-rays, MRI scans and a CT scan of my right shoulder. After everything, he told me that my shoulder looks like that of someone aged 60 years and above and the ideal treatment for this is a shoulder replacement. But he mentioned to me that it is not ideal to do a replacement surgery on my right shoulder at my age, because of the chances of doing repeated surgeries in the future.

Since my symptoms became worse day by day, I re-visited Dr Unnithan at his regular hospital and at that point of time, he consulted with his teachers abroad as well as other leading shoulder surgeons and told me that if I was ready to take the risks associated, then he will do surgery on me. Me and my husband after consulting with our family members decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Now it is 2 years after surgery, and I am very happy with its results. Within a few days after surgery, my shoulder pain had almost completely disappeared, and I was sleeping peacefully at night. Even though the doctor didn’t promise me good movements in my shoulder; by one year, I was having almost full movements in my right shoulder.

Now I feel that I should have done this surgery many years back.

What I wanted to tell everyone is that, if you are suffering from shoulder problems like me and you need replacement surgery, better do it as early as possible and Dr Vishnu Unnithan is one of the best in town for this.

Mrs. Akhila (37 yrs)

Neyyatinkara, Trivandrum

"Hip Replacement Surgery made me Walk Like Before"

I was limping due to pain in my right knee for two years before I met Dr Vishnu Unnithan.

Initially, I was asked to do an MRI of my right knee by another Orthopaedic surgeon in the city and was told me that I needed to undergo surgery in my right knee to treat my problem. Then I went to another few doctors, all of whom told me to undergo different treatments for the same. I was meanwhile taking painkillers all this time.

When I met Dr Vishnu Unnithan, he examined me thoroughly. He told me that I was unlikely to have any knee problem, but rather I might be having some problems in the hip and asked me to take x-rays of my knee as well as my hip joint. After seeing my x-ray of the hip, he told me to take an MRI of the hip joint, which revealed loss of blood supply to my hip, which led to arthritis. He asked me to stop all my medicines and to do blood tests which unfortunately unfolded changes in my kidney and liver Blood parameters.

He refrained me from taking any further analgesics and asked me to undergo hip joint replacement. I underwent hip joint surgery by him. A few weeks after surgery I was completely pain-free and now I am walking normally.

I am very thankful to Dr Vishnu Unnithan for giving me a proper diagnosis and a permanent solution for my limping and pain. I strongly recommend him if you are suffering from any hip or knee problems.

Anil Kumar (38 years)

Regional Manager, Trivandrum RO
Leading NBFC

"Dr Vishnu made me Walk the same day after Knee Replacement Surgery"

I met Dr Vishnu Unnithan after my brother gave me his reference. I have had a knee problem for many years and I finally decided to do a knee replacement surgery as advised to me by many doctors.

He is a very soft-spoken and kind doctor (which I should remind you all is a rarity nowadays) who explains to you everything about your disease, the treatment options, and even the complications.

What made me more surprised was the fact that he made me walk on the same day after my replacement surgery as he promised. Not only that, two days after my surgery, I was walking independently(without any Walker) and I went home the second day after surgery.

He is lucky to have excellent Physiotherapists with him who take care of his patients very well.

Now, I am back to my active lifestyle and thanks to my dear doctor Dr Vishnu Unnithan for everything he did to me for improving my quality of life.

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